Ancient Tale: The Genesis of Primordial God Sorais and the Nine Pillars

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Once upon a time, the realm of Nekoarshia was nothing more than a colorless expanse. At its core stood the solitary and lonely Primordial God, Sorais. In his hands, he held the Egg of Gods, a treasure brimming with potential futures and dreams.

Sorais began to sing in front of the egg, pouring his love and desires into his song. His voice enveloped the egg, making it glow brighter and brighter.

  1. The first to emerge was the God of the Cosmos, Feris. He sprinkled stars throughout the colorless space, creating a vast universe that stretched to its furthest reaches.
  2. Following him was the Moon Goddess, Lunarea. From her graceful hands flowed the light of the moon, illuminating the darkness.
  3. Then came Solist, and from his fiery eyes radiated the heat and light of the sun, bringing the rhythm of day and night to Nekoarshia.
  4. With the birth of the Sea God, Aquatis, his tears nourished the land, forming expansive oceans.
  5. As Teranya walked, her footprints carved mountains and valleys, shaping the terrains of Nekoarshia.
  6. Aerial spread his wings across the sky next, creating new heavens and winds, preparing the realm for the breath of life.
  7. The passionate Fayanis bestowed his flames upon the cats, alleviating their coldness.
  8. With Vitalis‘ melodious voice, the first life in Nekoarshia was born, making the land bustle with activity.
  9. Finally, Shadon granted shadows and dreams, infusing the cats’ hearts with hope and the power of imagination.

With the birth of the nine gods, Sorais smiled quietly, realizing his wishes had come true. He was no longer alone and entrusted the land and people of Nekoarshia to the Nine Pillars. Though Sorais’ wishes remained unknown to all, the people of Nekoarshia felt his love and dedication, and their hearts swelled with gratitude.




  1. 最初に生まれたのは、宇宙の神、フェリスだった。彼は周りの無色透明な空間に星々を散らばらせ、宇宙の果てまで広がる壮大な宇宙を作り出した。
  2. 次に誕生したのは、月の女神、ルナレア。彼女の優雅な手から月の光が流れ落ち、暗闇を照らし出した。
  3. そして、ソリストが生まれ、彼の炎のような瞳からは太陽の熱と光が溢れ、ネコアーシアに昼夜のリズムが生まれた。
  4. 海の神、アクアティスの誕生とともに、彼の涙が大地を潤し、広大な海が形成された。
  5. テラニャが歩むたび、彼女の足跡が山や谷を形成し、ネコアーシアの地形が生まれた。
  6. 続いて、アエリアルが空に翼を広げ、新しい空と風を生み出し、空の下に生命が息吹く準備を整えた。
  7. 熱く情熱的なファイアニスは、彼の炎を猫たちに授け、彼らの寒さを和らげた。
  8. そして、ヴィタリスの歌声とともに、ネコアーシアに最初の生命が生まれ、大地は賑わいを見せた。
  9. 最後に、シャドーンが影と夢を授け、猫たちの心に希望と想像の力を吹き込んだ。