Hello! Nekoarsia: The Mythical Realm of Cat Deities

Nekoarsia: The Mythical Realm of Cat Deities WORLD

Nekoarsia, a vast land where time intertwines with legend, is governed by nine primordial deities, each representing a natural phenomenon. These deities, from Solaïs of the skies to Terranox of the earth, weave the tapestry of life, guiding and protecting their denizens.

But it’s not just these great gods who shape Nekoarsia’s destiny. Each deity is accompanied by nine familiars, divine entities in their own right, with powers and stories that further enrich the lore.

At the heart of Nekoarsia are its inhabitants – the deformed cat-folk. They live harmoniously in the sprawling plains, their lives a balance of work and worship. Donning colorful attire, they offer tributes at magnificent temples, passing down tales of the gods from generation to generation.

As legends evolve and tales grow, so too does Nekoarsia, ever-changing and yet timeless, a testament to the enduring spirit of its people and their gods.